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7.22.23 – ICYMI: Bahay! Open Mic

About Bahay

Bahay! Home of the Kreatives is a community-made environment, where local FilAm,
AAPI, BIPOC, Queer, and Trans creatives are invited in to help shape what a safe, healing, and sharing space looks and feels like in the heart of the ever-changing San Jose.

Bahay!’s Open Mic Events are a growing community in the arts and culture scene, providing a space for artists to showcase their work, and for our community to engage, support, and connect with local talent. Our open mics are held once a month on every on the 4th Saturday and showcase a range of art forms, including small local art exhibitions, and local vendors.

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Who Can Participate

These events are open to all, and the community has responded with enthusiasm. Local artists, whether they are emerging or established, have found a welcoming and nonjudgemental space to perform, experiment, and develop their skills. Our flow and fluidity allows our community to create a culture of artistic collaboration, where artists can explore new ideas and collaborate with each other. The open mic events are just one aspect of Bahay!’s arts and culture program. With our Bahay! Creative Cohort, we aim to help our cohort embody creative freedom, cultivate sustainability in their work through the power of civics, and utilize their platform to reflect the individuality of FilAm creatives.

Connecting Civic Literacy & Art

The intersection of art and civic engagement is shown throughout history. Art is a universal language to be understood by. It inspires movements, unites communities under a collective cause, informs the larger population of what the current state of the nation/country/world is, and it’s powerful. Through art, under-represented communities are given a platform, a community, a chance to have their voices, experiences, and stories be heard. It gives an opportunity for understanding by the larger community. For empathy. For solidarity. It produces a call against the systems that oppresses us all. It’s an instrument of the people that is used directly in politics.

Intrinsically, the uplifting of an individual’s art strengthens one’s sense of self. Having your art, experiences, and stories viewed and understood by the many minds of the community requires confidence which Bahay! hopes to nurture. Alongside to the regular programming, Bahay will begin hosting more special events as the need for creative spaces like this arises. Bahay, will be a revolutionary open mic that will evolve according to the needs of the people. We serve what our community asks for, and embody the spirit of Bayanihan, or collective unity in order to continue the creation of this beautiful community. Learning how to cultivate an inclusive, culturally responsive program that is able to serve multiple communities and raise awareness on how said communities intersect through civic awareness, civic participation, arts, and culture.

Join us for our next Bahay! Open Mic happening on Saturday, August 26th from 6-8pm at Philz Coffee in downtown San José. Register on Eventbrite today.

Let’s kreate together.

Bahay hosts an Open Mic & Art Night every fourth Saturday of the month. Join us for our next one! For any questions, concerns, or accessibility needs, please contact Mar at mar@leadfilipino.org

LEAD Filipino
LEAD Filipino

We are a nonprofit that organizes for FilAm civic participation, grassroots leadership and direct community action out of San Jose, California.

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