From cultural workshops, to learning and development programs for employees and teams, and helping smaller community-based organizations grow, we offer services as a key part of our mission advancement to increase broad awareness of FilAms in civics.

We provide a range of educational and technical assistance services, including supporting individuals and families with local referrals for behavioral healthcare and legal assistance in the San Jose/South Bay Area.

Learn more about our various services and ways to partner with us for your next event.

Cultural & Educational Workshops

We have facilitated workshops on issues of Filipina/x/o American history, identity, leadership and sociocultural experiences with colleges and universities, corporations and community-based organizations across the 9-County Bay Area. Bridging our campaign, coalition and civic work with FilAm communities, our workshops offer practical and relevant insights into current issues FilAms face in our country while presenting concrete ways for people to engage in movement and power building.

Our workshops generally range from 75-90 minutes and can be formatted for an in-person or virtual session. We request a 2-week notice of workshop requests so that we can adequately plan and prepare. We provide our workshops on a sliding scale based on your organizational budget.

Upon confirming a workshop with us, we provide you with:

  • Workshop presentation materials
  • Customized marketing flyers to promote to your audience base
  • A personalized event registration link with RSVP capture
  • A recording of the session

To read more about our various workshop topics, click here.

Learning & Development Trainings

Whether your organization or team is interested in learning more about Filipina/x/o Americans in civil rights, movement and power building, and/or Filipino American History Month, we partner with companies and organizations to design learning and development trainings that align with their core objectives related to Filipina/x/o American experiences, leadership and visibility.

Know our History, Know our Present (2-Part Series)

We build our mission around the belief that, “To know your history is to know yourself.” During this session, we apply this adage to a discussion on the status of Filipina/x/o Americans in contemporary society and pose a question of “knowing our present” inasmuch as we understand our past. Blending topics of social determinants of health, identity, class and opportunity, we engage participants in a critical dialogue on Filipinas/xs/os in America. In 2020, LEAD Filipino helped enumerate and engage Filipina/x/o communities in the nation’s 2020 Census Count. What do we know about the status of Filipinas/xs/os in the U.S. today?

Translating Knowledge into Action (3-Part Series)

A three-part lecture series lasting one (1) hour each, “Translating Knowledge into Action” presents the resiliency and activist spirit that runs through our collective Filipina/x/o American identity. Told through an interactive historic chronology of Filipina/x/o experiences in America, including our major migration waves, legislative and sociocultural impacts and current civil rights campaigns that FilAms have led, this session invokes both reflection and action for its participants.

Upon confirming a learning session with us, we will:

  • Meet to understand your core learning goals and objectives for the session.
  • Prepare and present you with a curriculum.
  • Develop customized marketing and registration materials for your session.
  • Share the presentation materials and recorded session.
Local Service Referrals

We help direct students, families, seniors and community members to local resources, mental health services and legal assistance.

Technical Assistance

As a small and growing nonprofit ourselves, we understand the challenges that small ethnically led and ethnically serving grassroots organizations face.

We help small organizations with technical assistance related to software and productivity, events management, marketing and grant writing.