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8.4.23 – Register Filipinx Voters with Us!

Join LEAD Filipino in our mission to empower communities and encourage civic engagement. 

Local elections hold immense significance, and it’s crucial for everyone to participate in shaping the future of their neighborhoods and communities. Our focus on this summer’s civic engagement activities, such as door-knocking, tabling at community events, and voter registration, illustrates the need to make voting accessible, voting process understandable, and inclusive.

Did you know you can opt for another language and English ballot in Santa Clara County? 

By opting for a Tagalog ballot alongside an English ballot, we increase the visibility of Filipinx in Santa Clara County. That means more resources, care, and representation for our community!

Voting in local elections is where community members’ votes directly matter and directly affect policies and decisions that impact our daily lives. For example, local governments can vastly improve living conditions via infrastructure updates. Local government officials hear your voice and act on our behalf. All we have to do is begin voicing our opinions. We can do this with voting.

Why it’s Important

It’s essential for all of us to realize that every vote and action counts in building our local communities. By encouraging voter education and civic engagement, we can empower individuals and create positive changes that will benefit the community as a whole. We must recognize our collective voice. The impact will bring a more diverse and inclusive society to life. Let’s continue to work together and strive towards creating a just world where everyone is valued and celebrated. 

Consider getting involvedvolunteering, or connecting with us. Your active involvement has a profound impact on making our community stronger, more inclusive and amplifies the community voice.

LEAD Filipino
LEAD Filipino

We are a nonprofit that organizes for FilAm civic participation, grassroots leadership and direct community action out of San Jose, California.

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