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Awareness in Action: Filipino Studies & Civic Leadership Program


Awareness in Action runs from June-August every year.

Awareness in Action (AAP) is a 10-week summer Filipino American Studies & Civic Engagement program. Pre-pandemic, AAP was held in Eastside San Jose and Union City. To meet the needs of our membership and community, our AAP is now offered virtually and for summer 2022, will be a hybrid program, with in-person sessions taking place at LEAD Filipino’s San Jose Office and virtual learning capabilities for our distance learning community members.

Through a series of educational workshops, community tours, guest speakers, and group projects, AAP focuses on building strong Filipina/x/o leaders who understand the importance of Coalition Building, Community Solidarity, Political Participation, and Civic Engagement through reflecting on their individual experiences and the stories of the larger Filipina/x/o American diaspora.

Please continue reading for more details related to our Awareness in Action Program (AAP).

2022 Awareness in Action Program (AAP) Schedule

Our 2022 AAP course registration will open in early May. The program will be held in a hybrid format at LEAD Filipino’s San Jose Office. This year’s program schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday, June 22 (6:30pm-8:45pm)
  • Wednesday, June 29 (6:30pm-8:45pm)
  • Wednesday, July 6 (6:30pm-8:45pm)
  • Wednesday, July 13 (6:30pm-8:45pm)
  • Wednesday, July 20(6:30pm-8:45pm)
  • Wednesday, July 27 (6:30pm-8:45pm)
  • Wednesday, August 3 (6:30pm-8:45pm)
  • Wednesday, August 10 (6:30pm-8:45pm)
  • Wednesday, August 24 (6:30pm-8:45pm)
  • Wednesday, August 31 (6:30pm-8:45pm) *Summer Celebration


For more information related to our 2022 Awareness in Action Program (AAP), please contact any of the following organizers:

Celeste Francisco | celeste@leadfilipino.org
Angelica Cortez | angelica@leadfilipino.org
James Binauhan | james@leadfilipino.org

Awareness in Action 2016 Class on a Google Tour!
August 3, 2016:  Our First Class’s Completion Reception!

Awareness in Action FAQs


Awareness in Action is LEAD Filipino’s 10-week program that runs from June-August every year! Participants are expected to attend each class.  At the end of the program, LEAD Filipino throws a Summer Reception to celebrate and recognize the AAP students.  The program is coordinated and managed by our Organizers and meets once per week for ~2.5 hours in San Jose, CA.

Awareness in Action features Workshops, Guest Speakers, Exposure Tours and a Project. We center the program’s curriculum on professional and cultural leadership with core themes around:

Public Service
Filipina/x/o Psychology & Identity
Civic Engagement
Political Participation
Coalition Building & Social Movements
Local Awareness & Activism


Cultural understanding and leadership is the center of AAP’s gravity.  To provide a basis on the imperative of Filipinas/xs/os engaging in public service and civics, we interlace key teachings of Filipino American and Philippine history.  Incorporating our “History 360” model, we cover periods of Filipina/x/o history while also tying in relevancies to the Filipina/x/o experience today.  Through group dialogues, reflections, and local San Jose engagement, we aim to materialize the concepts we teach by bringing the students to action.  To achieve these goals, the AAP is composed of a series of thematic workshops which aim to broaden and deepen our cultural understanding.



During AAP, we feature guest speakers and organizations from the San Jose/Silicon Valley community to not only engage with our students, but to also share related insights.  Throughout the year, L.E.A.D. Filipino works exclusively with our “Mentors Circle” to build bridges between Pinxy professionals and students in our Valley.   For our summer AAP, we invite our Mentors to share their inspirational stories.  From career paths, to selecting their college major, and the role their Filipino culture plays in their lives, we strive to provide platforms which connect our Filipino community.

Guest speakers: Ellen Kamei, Mountain View Commissioner and Evelyn Chua, Milpitas Commissioner


As an exclusive feature, our AAP gives opportunities for students to participate in ~3 Community Exposure Tours.  Coordinated and guided by our Organizers, the purpose of our Tours is to expose young Pinxys to the industries, environments, and human issues which surround them in the Silicon Valley.  Through in-depth conversations with our Tour Hosts, we aim to deepen our students’ awareness and understanding of issues happening in our community.  We believe that although it’s important to follow global news, that it’s equally valuable to know what’s going on in your own locality. Past Community Exposure Tours included:  Google & Employee Panel with Googlers, Pie Ranch Farm, and the SOMA Pilipinas Ethno-Tour.

Pie Ranch Exposure Tour – Tying in relevancies to Filipino labor heroes Philip Vera Cruz and Larry Itliong


Each AAP participant is expected to complete an individual Engagement Project.  Assigned at the start of the course, students are tasked with identifying one local Filipino-based grassroots organization in which they’d like to learn more about.  They must conduct an interview with a staff member/organizer from that group, attend an event, and present their project.



The purpose of Awareness in Action is to educate, engage and expose young Filipina/x/o adults and students to developing their social identities through the lens of being informed, having deepened knowledge of public issues, and ultimately, carrying awareness in their actions as they grow to become the next generation of leaders.

To read more about Awareness in Action, click here.

Thank you for your interest!

Awareness Pic 1
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016:  Our first Awareness in Action Program class meeting.