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7.10.23 – Introducing our 2023 Bahay! Home of the Kreatives Cohort

We are so excited to introduce our 2023 Bahay! Creative Cohort! Bahay! Home of the Kreatives is a community-made environment where local Filipinx/a/o American (FilAm), Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander (AANHPI), Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), Queer, and Trans creatives are invited to shape what an unapologetic, safe, healing, and sharing space looks and feels like in the heart of the ever-changing San José. 

Catch these local creative cohort members in the upcoming Bahay! Open Mics, happening every fourth Saturday, where they’ll share all the art and creative projects they’ve been working on.

Meet the Cohort

Brent Cantillas, who goes by the artist name “brntjc,” is a 19 year old Filipino singer-songwriter from San Jose. His music draws influence from genres like jazz, pop, and rock. He began making music in high school when he first learned how to play the guitar, and he has continued to write and perform music ever since.

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Elaine “E.” Aclan, also known as Golden E., is a talented photographer and videographer based in San Jose, CA. With a unique vision, Golden E. captures the world through their lens, focusing on the environment and everyday moments. With a penchant for cinematic concert photography and experimental self-portraits, Golden E.’s captivating images invite viewers to see the world from a fresh perspective.

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Jade Baas is a Filipino artist from Daly City, California. She expands her creativity through the aesthetics of words, and visually representing how the world is viewed from her eyes. The musical Ed entrepreneur journey is also just beginning. Jade’s intention is for her art to become meditation to others, ascending oneself away from trauma and into an awakened peace.

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Joseph Codamos also known as JOCO is a 24 year-old Pilipinx-American who grew up on the Central Coast of California. These pieces I’ve created are made from scraps, recycled material, and anything I could find in my home, I hope that you are able to find beauty amidst the chaos.

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Mia Rios is a 22 year old Filipina from San Jose, CA. In her creative work, she takes part in writing songs and poems. Mia is an alumni of the Bytes and Notes music program, where she started singing at the age of 5. Mia recently graduated with a B.A. degree in Psychology and four minors in Music, Sociology, Child & Youth Studies, and Public Service & Community Engagement at the University of San Francisco.

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Mobbin in from Sacramento, TRYN makes her way to the bay to spread her message of love and life. Through her honeyed vernacular and iridescent cadence, TRYN curates vibes for all. TRYN taps into all her creative endeavors. Find her at local open mic events where she recites her artistry or serenades to your girl. TRYN is thee walking 333. Effortlessly balanced, coexisting with imbalanced, where chaos meets peace. TRYN is here to make you feel.

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Let’s kreate together.

Bahay hosts an Open Mic & Art Night every fourth Saturday of the month. Join us for our next one! For any questions, concerns, or accessibility needs, please contact Mar Abat at mar@leadfilipino.org

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LEAD Filipino

We are a nonprofit that organizes for FilAm civic participation, grassroots leadership and direct community action out of San Jose, California.

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