Policy, Politics, & Puto

Remixing Philosophy at Policy, Politics, & Puto with The Dishonorable Lendyll Capitulo

LEAD Filipino’s Policy, Politics, & Puto Talks remix our memories of Philosophy class.

In doing so, we discuss and question the relevancies of centuries-old ideas that still run our country today. Our monthly Philosophy remixes center FilAm and broader Asian Pacific Islander ideas, opinions, and values to modernize and revolutionize our approach to public policy and civics.

Started in 2017, LEAD Filipino hosted its first Commissioner Training under the banner “Policy, Politics & Puto.” Held at San Jose State University with local Fil Am Commissioners and Board Members, the session focused on educating our community the nomination, appointment and application processes often involved with public service on Commissions, Boards and/or Taskforces with Towns, Cities or Counties. The first session also featured, Puto, a popular Philippine dessert, known for its bite-sized sweetness.

In 2021, we’ll be resuming our Policy, Politics & Puto Roundtable Talk Series with our regular guest and resident Philosopher, The Dishonorable Lendyll Capitulo. This time, our Roundtable Talks will range from political philosophy and economics to broader sociocultural conversations related to Fil Ams in the United States, international policy in the Philippines and what these movements mean for our future.

Hosted by The Dishonorable Lendyll Capitulo, guests of our PPP Roundtables can expect a mix of humor, realism and spice in talks that center local, state and federal current events. The Dishonorable L. Capitulo is a graduate of New York University, where he earned his BS in Economics and MBA.