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Bahay! Home of the Kreatives

👉🏼 Register for our upcoming Bahay! Open Mic happening on Saturday, September 23 from 6-8PM at Philz Coffee in downtown San José. Register here.

A community-made environment where local FilAm, AAPI, BIPOC, Queer, and Trans creatives are invited to shape what an unapologetic, safe, healing, and sharing space looks and feels like in the heart of the ever-changing San José. 


Bahay originates from the Filipino Term, Bahay Kubo, a type of stilt house indigenous to the Philippines. Here we honor it by translating Bahay to become “home” instead. Home of the Kreatives. Home to all. Home to those in the Silicon Valley who search for platforms, communities, hearths, to be heard, seen, and uplifted. 

At Bahay! We understand how powerful art is in uniting causes, and empowering the community to stand for justice in the face of struggle. In our space, we seek to not only gather creative and like-minded individuals to share their experiences, but other programs and non-profit organizations as well to offer resources such as food banks, educational pathways, and more on our path to a more equitable society.

Bahay, will be a revolutionary open mic that will evolve according to the needs of the people. We serve what our community asks for, and embody the spirit of Bayanihan, or collective unity in order to accomplish our goals.

Meet Our 2023 Cohort

JOCO (He/Him)

E. Aclan (They/Them)

Mia Rios (She/her)

Brent Cantillas (He/Him)

Jade Baas (She/Her)

TRYN, Trinity (She/They)

Let’s kreate together.

Bahay hosts an Open Mic & Art Night every fourth Saturday of the month. Join us for our next one! For any questions, concerns, or accessibility needs, please contact Mar at mar@leadfilipino.org