About Us

We are a community organization of students, adults, and families based in San Jose, California.  We design and provide programs that educate Filipinos/as on civic leadership, public interest issues, and our ethnic history in the United States.  From our signature Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit, to our eight-week summer Awareness in Action Program (AAP), and a variety of partnerships in key advocacy campaigns, LEAD Filipino aims to increase the visibility of Filipinos/as in public leadership across communities.

Our work is actualized across three program engagement areas:

  • Empowerment:  We recognize that at a population of ~1.5 million, the Filipino/a community’s collective impact to enact positivity and influence is great. We work to curate, cultivate, and create empowerment opportunities for all of our members.  These events include our Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit and Civic Leadership Forums.
  • Cultural Education/Filipino Studies:  We believe that everyone should have a basis of understanding of their community’s shared identity, history, and contributions to the American tapestry.  Evidence supports that a sense of one’s ethnic and racial history deepens their self-confidence, self-empowerment, and furthermore connection to leadership in our celebration of diversity and multiculturalism.  Due to these guiding values, Cultural Education/Filipino Studies is one of LEAD Filipino’s major program areas.
  • Civic Leadership:  We take seriously the idiomatic expression of, “Having a voice at the table.”  Given this, we develop programs and form partnerships that introduce and involve our members in local civics, regional educational campaigns, and statewide issues around education reform and social justice.