Annual Fly Pinays


“To be a Fly Pinay is to fly. Is to rise. Is to uprise.”
– Dr. Robyn Rodriguez, Closing Keynote, 2017 Fly Pinays Leadership Summit

About Fly Pinays

Our Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit is a regional conference that engages ~150 Filipina women and girls in sisterhood, mentorship, and you guessed it — leadership. The Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit is held every March during Women’s Herstory Month.

Piqued by community requests and inspired within our membership, LEAD Filipino laid the ground work in late-2016 to fashion what would become our Annual Fly Pinays.

Since 2017, our Fly Pinays Leadership Summit has drawn audiences of nearly 200 women, girls, professionals, educators, creatives, and scholars to coalesce on shared values related to Fil Am identity, culture, sisterhood, and mentorship.

Working with student and adult populations across the Northern California region, our Annual Fly Pinays program coordinates year-round to curate, cultivate, and grow community spaces that respond to and reflect Pinay experiences.

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Impact Report

In 2018, we produced our first Annual Fly Pinays impact report, in an attempt to convey and measure our outcomes as an organized program.

To read our report, please click here at 2018 Annual Fly Pinays Report.

2019 Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit


Marissa Martinez
Program Director
2021 Annual Fly Pinays