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2021 Advocacy Day

On Wednesday, April 28th 2021, we organized a virtual Advocacy Day with our FIERCE Coalition partners.

Read 2021 FIERCE Advocacy Day recap here.

2019 Fil Advocacy Day Recap:

On April 29, 2019, LEAD Filipino and UC Davis’ Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies co-led our state’s first Fil Advocacy Day in Sacramento, with a focus and attention on statewide legislative and policy issues of importance to our community.

To engage your organization in our statewide Fil Advocacy Day for 2020, we would encourage you to join our 2020 Annual Fil Policy Symposium at CSUEB in Hayward on February 1, 2020. Register today.

Here are some highlights from our 2019 Fil Advocacy Day:

  • We advocated for Assembly Bills 331 (Ethnic Studies), 1481 (Just Cause), and 1482 (Tenant Protections).
  • We advocated, under the leadership of the Domestic Workers Coalition of California, for $5 million to establish a Domestic Workers and Outreach Fund, overseen by the State of California.
  • We engaged 11 Fil Am CBOs, students, advocates, activists, scholars, educators, parents, seniors, nonprofits, and grassroots organizations.
  • We organized ourselves in six legislative teams, led by captains from Little Manila Rising, the Bulosan Center, LEAD Filipino, PICO California, and SOMCAN.
  • Met with 24 legislators and staff.

Reflections on:
2019 Fil Advocacy Day in Sacramento

“Organizing a statewide Advocacy Day for the Fil Am community has been a dream of mine since 2009. To bear witness to the diversity of our statewide partners working across educational institutions, in neighborhoods, and in coalitions that are moving together on California-wide public and social policy issues. To contribute to its development and beginning is truly a blessing.”

Angelica Cortez,
LEAD Filipino

“As a student, and now educator of Ethnic Studies, it was incredible to see so many youth take what they have learned in the classroom into the halls of Sacramento, drawing upon the legacy of the Third World Liberation Front to make real material changes for and with the immigrant communities that have raised them. During Fil Advocacy Day 2019, you felt the energy of the Manongs and Manangs with us as we did what they have done for us: build the political power of those marginalized in the Fil diaspora and beyond.”

Katherine Nasol.
Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies

“Greatness in progress.”

Vanessa Carr


Angelica Cortez