Member Meeting

Happy New Year!

Throughout 2021, we’ll be hosting quarterly virtual Member Meetings to ensure that we continue building community, meeting each other, and sharing positive news.

Please join us this Sunday, January 10th from 4pm-6pm (PST) for our first Member Meeting of 2021.

We’ll be sharing some deep organizational announcements, including new programs and initiatives, and preparing for the Statewide Filipinx Advocacy Day with some special guest speakers – and we want you involved!

Learn more about our Annual Fly Pinays, Queer Lakbay Summit, Awareness in Action Program (AAP), and our statewide civic activities related to AB 101 known as “Ethnic Studies for All” and additional reforms around Police Accountability in California.

LEAD Filipino
LEAD Filipino

We are a nonprofit that organizes for FilAm civic participation, grassroots leadership and direct community action out of San Jose, California.

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