Yes on Prop 16 South Bay Rally on Wednesday, 9/23!

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Early voting in California begins on October 5th, with the General Election taking place November 3rd. With this quarantine season upon us, we’re working in concert with local and regional partners to particularly uplift the importance of Prop 16!

In 1996, Prop 209 was passed to eliminate Affirmative Action laws in California. This enactment made the Golden State 1 of 9 other states in the country to observe these changes at that time. Meaning, that for the past 24 years, race, ethnicity, and gender have not been considered in the areas of public admissions, contracts, and employment in CA. While some argue against considerations of race, ethnicity, and gender – postulating “color-blindness” – we firmly and unequivocally believe that in every other vertical of our society, we’re told that race and gender “don’t matter”, when in fact, the data shows that they do.

We point to issues of income inequality, gender and racial disparities in promotions, underrepresentation of minorities and women in mid to executive level leadership, and disproportionate numbers of communities of color serving in frontline service positions…the categorical examples are endless. A YES vote on Prop 16 would repeal Prop 209 and legally allow race, ethnicity, and gender to be among the many qualities considered in public admissions, contracts, and employment. In today’s context, we’re demanding that race, ethnicity, and gender matter.

Help us remove Prop 209, a law that was passed a quarter century ago, to implement changes that befit the conditions of today to create and manifest a better tomorrow.

Tap into the Yes on Prop 16 Town Hall with our Founder, Angelica Cortez, Assemblymember Ash Kalra, Dr. Bill Armaline with SJSU, YouthHype Founder Toya P.Y.T Fernandez, CAIR Executive Director @Sameena Usman, and many more on Wednesday, September 23rd from 5pm-7pm!


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