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Census Roundtable with SCU’s Filipino American Law Society

On March 4, we were invited to lead a Lunch Roundtable with the members of Santa Clara University’s Filipino American Law Society (FALS) focused on the 2020 Census and its relationship with America’s 4 million Filipin@s!

For a little over an hour, we discussed technical realities, such as the importance of the Census, what it does and how the data are used, and the ways in which we can ensure that specific “Hard to Count” Fil Am communities are counted in our country’s 2020 Census.

Many of you should’ve already received your 2020 Census questionnaire mailer, which should’ve prompted you to complete the ~20 minute form online.

The 2020 Census marks the first time in our nation’s history that the questionnaire is paperless.

The Census is currently being administered throughout the United States and will responses will be continued to be collected till July.

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