Puso to Puso Talks | Ep. 1

Earlier this month, we made the decision to postpone our 2020 Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit — a rich tradition that we’ve celebrated the past three years and have grown to look forward to.

On Saturday, March 14th from 10am-11:30am, in lieu of the original date that we had held for our 2020 Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit, we held our first Puso to Puso Talks, focused on Mental Health and Intergenerational Communication in the Fil community! Our first Puso to Puso featured:

  • Dr. Jeannie Celestial, PhD
  • Adelina Tancioco, Founder of Surrendered Healing
  • Steph Gancayco, Founder of Hella Pinay
  • Kamille Rose Soler, Founder of The Ultimate LYFE

Attracting 57 participants, our Puso to Puso Talk engaged our guest speakers in their views and experience(s) on protecting one’s Mental Health, communicating one’s needs, and building connections with family members that might not be as open to discussing mental health.

While we’re still working to identify a new date for our Fly Pinays network of 200 women and girls from across the region, we wasted no time in continuing to hold space.

We plan on hosting two more Puso to Puso Talks as we lead into the fall season.

Please stay tuned for updates!

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