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Seeing in 2020 Roadshow

Did you know that every country administers a Census count? Albeit on different frequencies, the reality is that every national government works to understand and gain a pulse of their people. The U.S. is surely, no different.

On April 1, 2020, the U.S. will disembark on conducting its decennial count. Colloquially known as the “2020 Census”, our approach on socializing the Census into our community has been to distill the need-to-know details, including how the Census will affect each of us.

From the context of a Fil Am, to the perspective of a college student, a young family, aging seniors, to the community services that undergird our neighborhood’s functioning, the 2020 Census has serious implications for our American society.

Our “Seeing in 2020” roadshow has aimed — and will continue to aim — to bring the realness of the Census to the hands of Fil Am collegiate organizations, grassroots groups, and professional associations that are interested in learning the basics of this powerful, authoritative tool, known as the 2020 Census.

So far we’ve engaged the Fil Am student organizations at:

  • California State University, East Bay
  • De Anza College
  • San Francisco State University
  • San Jose State University
  • Santa Clara University
  • Stanford University

Shout outs to our Census field organizers, Katie Mendoza and Alan Gouig, who have led workshops at the colleges and universities listed above — and who will continue to strengthen and re-envision our Census education work in the coming months.


LEAD Filipino

LEAD Filipino
LEAD Filipino

We are a nonprofit that organizes for FilAm civic participation, grassroots leadership and direct community action out of San Jose, California.

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