As a growing nonprofit ourselves, we intimately understand the barriers, challenges, and processes involved in building and strengthening organizational capacity. The social services sector as a whole exists to serve people and address public needs. However, there are multiple considerations involved in starting and professionalizing your nonprofit to become a comprehensive organization that furthers your mission and vision.

From drafting a business plan, goal setting, budget planning, and creating success metrics, the entrepreneurial thrill of nonprofit development often feels like we’re building the car as we’re driving it. From financial resources, to volunteer management, service administration, and fundraising.

We currently offer Technical Assistance in the following areas:

  • Budgeting
  • Computer Technology
  • Drafting [Nonprofit] Business Plans
  • Graphic Design
  • Strategic Planning


Since 2015, L.E.A.D Filipino has worked with dozens of PilAm and FilAm student organizations, professional associations, and employee resource groups from across the Silicon Valley region. To further our mission, we believe in the collective powers of building our community’s critical consciousness and voracity to question the systems and policies around us by first reflecting on the dynamics of our diaspora.

In a variety of formats including workshops, panel discussions, and lecture-based approaches, our team of educators, healthcare practitioners, public policy professionals, and nonprofit advocates speak with our community on a range of topics and ideas. Drawing on experiences working in government, social services, state level human rights campaigns, in academia, and in the Philippines, we tailor leadership development workshops and sessions to your membership’s needs. Past sessions we have led include:

  • Addressing Anti-Blackness in PilAm and FilAm Communities
  • Building Pan-Asian Solidarity
  • Here & Queer: Building Allyship in the PilAm Community
  • Cross-Racial Coalition Building in a Post-COVID World
  • Pin@ys in Public Policy

If you would like to have L.E.A.D Filipino speak with your organization, please contact us.


L.E.A.D Filipino provides support services, outreach, and education to PilAm/FilAm and broader community members in San Jose and the larger Santa Clara County region. Through our robust network of partners and affiliated organizations, we are able to assist with providing referrals to trusted organizations that specialize in the following areas:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Filipino Language Classes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Legal Services (Immigration, Civil Rights, Housing, Public Benefits)
  • Mental Health

For any service inquiries, please contact