11.6.23 – ICYMI: SJSU Transforming Communities Event – Community Organizing: We All Start Somewhere


Congratulations to our Project Coordinator & Local Policy Organizer, Mar Abat, for leading a workshop with San José State University’s “Transforming Communities: A Movement to Racial Justice”, a visionary annual event designed to catalyze change in our community.

In this workshop, Mar, shared her experiences as a community organizer and facilitated discussions for folks to share their unique stories. At the, many like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating positive Social change were able to connect and define what it meant for them to be “community organizers”.

Check out this testimonial from one of our attendees:

“I truly enjoyed my experience at Lead Filipino’s workshop on community organizing with presenter Mar Abat! It was inclusive and informational and they offered insightful knowledge through open discussion about the meaning of community organizing w/ examples and anecdotes. I learned a lot AND there was some delicious food available for us to eat as well!  Win-win situation all around ✨


About SJSU Transforming Communities

Events are hosted by the SJSU community focused on creating a more racially just and equitable city and county. Year three of this event seeks to highlight the continued work of communities throughout the South Bay. This year’s theme is “Reclaiming Narratives, Building Community, and Achieving Justice,” taking place November 1–15, 2023.

About Mar Abat

Mariseth (Meh-Ri-Seth) “Mar” Abat, pronouns SHE/THEY/SIYA is a Gen-Z community organizer and student. She is an immigrant from the Philippines and resides in unceded  Muwekma  Ohlone  Land. With artistic passions and political interests, Mar intersects these two in her day-to-day with a decolonized perspective. Some of her interests are (obviously) community organizing, social justice, COOKING, baking, hiking, mycology, spoken word/poetry, reading, COFFEE, and hyphyness. In their main work, they focus on local civic matters such as GOTV and community building through an arts and culture program. On a heart level, she is working on opening up a cafe centered around the community. On a soul level, she likes discussing with the community to recognize colonizer mindsets, find ways of liberation, and collectively taps into the Third World Consciousness

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