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8.2.22 – Announcing the 2022 Mama Verang & Lola Remi Scholarship

We are proudly launching our second fund of scholarships through the Mama Verang & Lola Remi Scholarship Fund, which we debuted in 2021 through the leadership of one of our organizers, Daniel Lazo. 

Learn about the purpose and vision of our Mama Verang & Lola Remi Scholarship Fund in Daniel’s words:

At the end of 2021, my Lola Remi passed away in the Philippines. In processing this immense grief of loss, I looked back at the women in my life who inspired me to believe in myself. Lola Remi may have been an ocean away, but her generosity and love lived on through my mom and aunts. In the same fashion, my Mama Verang was the Lola present in my life, being the last grandchild for her to raise. I still feel her joy and care to this day.

To heal, I went back to my community. I created the Lola Scholarship Fund through LEAD Filipino to give back to those who have given me so much.

This scholarship honors two of my very different lolas who were both teachers in their own way. Mama Verang raised nine children as a single mother. She was also a high school teacher in the Philippines and brought her entire family to the United States for a better life. On the other hand, Lola Remi never finished high school and worked hard as a tailor and farmer. With her kind-heartedness and ambition, she put all of her seven children through college to help them to build a better life. Both were advocates of higher education and this fund is in their legacy.

Last year, we launched the first scholarships and awarded $3,500 to four brilliant college students across the Bay. Each is in a unique field, such as ethnic studies, political science, immigration law, and molecular biology. Three recipients have recently graduated from their respective schools— San Francisco State University, University of San Francisco, and University of California Berkeley.

I’m excited to continue the fund this year again to award three $1,000 scholarships to a new batch of incoming and current Filipino American college students. This year, we’ll expand the California fund statewide and partner with bold.org to organize applicants.

I’m asking for your help to build the longevity of this fund for years to come. I not only want to honor my lolas, but also give space to the awardees and donors to honor the important women in their lives and share their stories as Filipino Americans changing the world. 

If you can give donate today, visit leadfilipino.org/donate. With any contribution, we will honor you and your Lola during the awarding ceremony at LEAD Filipino’s Anniversary Gala this fall.

How to Apply

Eligibility Requirements:

This award is available to Filipinx/o/a American college students within California, including rising Freshman, who are attending a higher education institution starting Fall 2022;

– We highly encourage Santa Clara County students that meet these criteria to apply.

– Students from the Bay Area, regardless of their current University location, are also highly encouraged to apply.

– Enrolled full-time in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program at an accredited higher education institution and; 
Unofficial transcript to prove present full-time enrollment. No minimum GPA is required. If an unofficial transcript is unavailable for incoming college freshmen, the applicant must provide proof of enrollment or acceptance in college.

-Submit an 800 minimum word essay based on the prompt (click below for more details) 

During this pandemic, we have all experienced some kind of loss. We’ve lost loved ones and some have even lost the pursuit of their dreams. On behalf of the students, families, and members of LEAD Filipino, we hope through this fund we can help one another as a community to secure the future of those still dreaming. Thank you for being part of the journey!

Maraming salamat,

Daniel Lazo

Lola Scholarship Fund Director

LEAD Filipino
LEAD Filipino

We are a nonprofit that organizes for FilAm civic participation, grassroots leadership and direct community action out of San Jose, California.

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