Remixing Philosophy at Policy, Politics & Puto Talks

Remixing Philosophy at Policy, Politics & Puto Talks

We hosted our first Policy, Politics, and Puto Talk in 2017. The featured topic and speaker was helping FilAms navigate the appointment and application processes for public Commission service across our cities, counties and state.

In 2021, we’ve brought back our Policy, Politics and Puto Talks – but with a remix, a remix on our memories of Philosophy class.

In doing so, we discuss and question the relevancies of centuries-old ideas that still run our country today. Whether or not these ideals are “good” or “bad” is up for debate in our – and broader – communities, however, the point of our Policy, Politics, and Puto Talks is to create a forum that encourages questioning and curiosity while prioritizing collective learning and development.

Our monthly “Philosophy remixes” look at our society’s revered and greatest thinkers of all time and pairs their main arguments with social ills and public problems that are rampant today.

Our Talks center FilAm and broader Asian Pacific Islander ideas, opinions, and values to modernize and revolutionize our approach to public policy and civics.

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Sunday, March 28 from 4PM-5:30PM (PST)

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