Official Statement on Growing Reports of Sexual Assault in South Bay Community

In the past several weeks, our organization has remained watchful and vigilant of the growing cases of sexual assault victims and survivors coming forward in our broader, San Jose/South Bay Area community.

We’re keenly and sensitively aware of the organizations and their leaders that have found themselves at the crossroads of horrific, emotional, and painful stories that have been shared with them. When these trangressions and violations occur in our community, they’re felt by all.

Due to these recent and growing cases in our broader community, we’re taking every opportunity to check and position our organization to not only continue preventing harm and thwarting bad actors, but to ensure that we have processes and policies in place to protect everyone’s wellness, safety, and happiness.

To the survivors and victims, even if we don’t know you – and you don’t know us – please know that we commend your courage and stand with you, even during the moments where you might feel alone.

If you or someone you know is in danger, experiencing sexual violence, or is in an abusive relationship, please share these local San Jose/South Bay Area resources with them.

There are community advocates and trained workers available to help:

  • Asian American Recovery Services: 415-762-3700 | Website
  • Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence: 408-279-2962 | Website
  • YWCA Silicon Valley: 800-572-2782 | Website
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