Recap: 4th Annual Salamat at Paalam Party!

Last Friday, we had the delight of celebrating the culmination and completion of our East and South Bae Awareness in Action Program (AAP) summer cohorts.

Our cohorts were comprised of students, young adults, and families from across the greater South and East Bay Areas, with some attendees traveling from cities such as Pinole and Hercules to laugh and learn with us all summer!

A four-year tradition, our “Salamat at Paalam” has become a treasured practice within LEAD Filipino.

Our “Salamat at Paalam” holds great symbolism for our organization. First, our inaugural celebration was hosted back in 2016 and served as not only a place to debut our AAP, but to also recognize the end of summer!

Our Salamat at Paalam program featured Dr. Jennifer Briscoe, on our Board of Directors, as our keynote speaker and welcoming words from Carla Bernal with the Hewlett Foundation, an active mentor in our Fly Pinays program.

Four years later, our Salamat at Paalam continues to grow in festivity and conviviality, as we use the time and space to acknowledge the completion of our AAP graduates, but to also reflect on our intentions for the remainder of the year.

To our East and South Baes, congratulations on completing our 8-week AAP. We’ve been so honored and privileged to have gotten to know each of you these past two months.

To serve our students, adults, and families from universities such as SJSU, CSUEB, De Anza, and more, is a true achievement in our eyes, and we thank each of you for trusting us with such a noble responsibility!

We hope that you each found your own connection to the AAP message, and that you all continue to carry your Awareness into Action!


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