Become a Fly Pinay Mentor!

The days are counting down till our Fly Pinays Pre-Session on Saturday, March 2nd at San Jose State University, where we’ll welcome our newest group of mentors and mentees for our 3rd Annual Fly Pinays Program.

Till then, we’re still pushing hard to reach YOU, you possible Fly Pinay mentor!

If you’re interested in becoming a Fly Pinays mentor, you will be joining a group of ~200 Pinay women and girls from across the Northern California region.

The time commitment is to attend two (hella fun) community events next month with your mentee, and from that point, establish your own meetup schedule that suits both your calendars.

To join as a mentor, there are three quick steps:

  • Check your calendar! Are you available on Saturday, 3/2 (10am-2pm) and Saturday, 3/23 (9am-4pm) to attend the two Fly Pinays events in the South Bay Area with your mentee?
  • Do you have at least four to five years of professional experience?
  • Have you registered yet? Register at link here 3rd Annual Fly Pinays. (Takes about 10-15 minutes.)

3rd Annual Fly Pinays Program:

Pre-Session for Mentors & Mentees
Saturday, March 2nd
San Jose State University
At the Pre-Session, you’ll meet your mentee, as well as other mentors and mentees involved in the program. From ice breaker activities to small sessions on how to build with your mentee, the Pre-Session will hype up the Leadership Summit and provide a space for our women and girls to bond.

3rd Annual Leadership Summit
Saturday, March 23rd
Mission College
The Leadership Summit is exclusively produced for our mentors and mentees. The day features leading Pinays from the arts, community, and industry on themes of sisterhood, mentorship, and Pinay experiences. You’ll engage in workshops, interactive sessions, and group activities with your mentee and other participants throughout the day.


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