November’s Election & Filipin@ Voters

July 2, 2018

Dear Kasamas —

While 2018 certainly isn’t a presidential election year, there’s much to be said in terms of its importance – and most especially, its role on the statewide level in California!

With our ~1.5 million-strong Filipin@ community residing in the Golden State, we’re working to create positive attention and education around California’s November Election, but we can’t do it without you.

This summer-fall, we will be launching a team of community members to create and distribute a “Filipin@ Voter Guide” that will include impartial analysis on all of California’s statewide ballot measures and statewide races to ensure that our community has the information, education, and resources needed to vote with confidence.

Why is the November Election important?

Great question!

Come November, California voters will be deciding upon EIGHT of our statewide office positions.  These elected offices have considerable influence and impact on statewide laws and policies and range from Governor, to Treasurer, to who leads our state’s public education system.

Here’s a list of the EIGHT positions with the top two candidates that Californians will be voting on in November:

  1. CA Governor – Top 2 Candidates:
    1. Gavin Newsom
    2. John Cox.
  2. CA Lieutenant Governor – Top 2 Candidates:
    1. Eleni Kounalaki
    2. Ed Hernandez
  3. CA Secretary of State:
    1. Anthony Padilla
    2. Mark Meuser
  4. CA State Attorney General – Top 2 Candidates:
    1. Xavier Becerra
    2. Steven Bailey
  5. CA State Controller:
    1. Betty Yee
    2. Konstantinos Roditis
  6. CA State Treasurer:
    1. Fiona Ma
    2. Greg Conlon
  7. CA Superintendent of Public Instruction:
    1. Marshall Tuck
    2. Tony Thurmond
  8. CA State Insurance Commissioner:
    1. Ricardo Lara
    2. Steve Poizner

The sign of true change is what happens in our neighborhoods and communities.

Each of these EIGHT statewide elected positions can – and will – create change in our communities across California.

LEAD Filipino’s role in this upcoming election is to INFORM all of you. With the impartial information we provide, we hope to empower voters when they go to cast their ballots.

Get Involved! Filipin@ Voter Outreach & Education Team

Starting this August, we will be assembling a team of community members, student leaders, and all interested individuals that would like to take part in steering our South Bay-focused Filipin@ voter outreach and education work from September-November.

As a member of this team, you will take part in LEAD Filipino’s civic projects related to California’s November Election.  These projects will include:

  • Becoming an expert on (1) statewide ballot measure/initiative.
  • Presenting on your ballot measure at a community-wide Voter Education & Registration event in October.
  • Attending team meetings to learn about the other statewide ballot measures that your team members will be working on.
  • Helping to distribute LEAD Filipino’s Voter Guide electronically to your networks, colleagues, and loved ones.
  • Supporting LEAD Filipino’s community-wide Voter Education & Registration event in October with setup and cleanup needs.

As the largest Asian group in California, we’ll be working across our coalition partners to activate the Filipin@ vote this coming November.

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