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Recap: Protect Our Neighborhoods


On Saturday, November 21st, Angelica Cortez and Jay Page with our organization participated in and represented LEAD Filipino at a community forum with SF-based Filipino community organizations such as SOMCAN, FCDC, Filipino Advocates for Justice, the Tenderloin People’s Congress, the Manilatown Heritage Foundation, the I-Hotel, and many more in a forum on the issues of gentrification, rising rental costs, and urban development that are plaguing the working class in the SF Bay Area.

The forum was themed on galvanizing grassroots organizations, advocates and families to rally behind repealing the Costa Hawkins Act.

The day was long and informative, featuring presentations from the FCDC and three speaker panels on, “Victims of Gentrification”, “Organizers & Advocates” and “Policymakers”.

We were joined by special guests Daly City Mayor Juslyn Manalo, Daly City Councilman Ray Buenaventura, and SF County Supervisor (D6) Matt Haney.

Our keynote speaker was CA State Assemblyman Rob Bonta.

We thank Steve Arevalo and FCDC for organizing this forum and letting LEAD Filipino partake in and learn from the community conversations around justice for renters, preserving our neighborhoods, and mobilizing as a community.

Gentrification Flyer
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