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“Gender Justice in Pilipinx Communities”

October 19, 2017
“Gender Justice in Pilipinx Communities”

In light of Filipino American History Month (FAHM) and in an effort to bring conversations of gender parity, access and visibility, across all communities, under the leadership of one of our Advisors, Tony Santa Ana, we set out to partner with other like-minded Filipino/a community-based and student organizations to host a transformative and substantive dialogue on ways to build alliances across Pinays, Pinoys and gender-nonconforming in our broader Pilipinx community.

In a partnership with FANHS-Santa Clara Valley, Akbayan San Jose State, Alpha Kappa Omega and Alpha Kappa Omicron, we successfully hosted a workshop titled, “Gender Justice in Pilipinx Communities” last Thursday, October 19th, at San Jose State University. We had over 60 students in attendance.

In this two-hour workshop, we framed the current climate around wage inequality, gender parity and guided the larger conversation toward brainstorming on viable solutions that our community could perpetuate. From Pinays sharing their experiences, personal narratives and how they could be supported, to Pinoys expressing the weight of society’s pressures on their shoulders, to learning how we could all be stronger allies to our non-gender conforming populations, “Gender Justice in Pilipinx Communities” recharged and reenergized the lens through which our emerging Filipino/a and young leaders are reinventing a society that validates, uplifts and represents everyone.

10/19/2017: Pinays share out their experiences and views at the “Gender Justice in Pilipinx Communities” workshop and dialogue. 
10/19/2017: The Pinoys share out their experiences and views at the “Gender Justice in Pilipinx Communities” workshop and dialogue. 


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