Razelle Buenavista: DHCS Statewide Conf.

20170822_232544Razelle Buenavista presented at:

California’s State Department of Health Care Services’
Annual Substance Use Disorder Conference

We’re so proud to share that one of our LEAD Filipino Advisors, Razelle Buenavista, presented at the State of California’s Annual Substance Use Disorder Conference on August 22nd in Pomona, CA. Razelle co-presented with Christianne Kernes, San Mateo County, and Lauren Kahn in a presentation entitled “Embracing Change: Fostering Organizational Culture through M.O.R.A.L.E.”
Razelle is the Managing Director for Asian American Recovery Services (AARS) – A Program of Health Right 360 for both Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. She has worked in Mental Health and Substance Abuse programs and services for over 20 years.
With her expertise in programs and nonprofit executive leadership, our Organizing Team learns from her insight, hindsight and strategic visioning for the growth and development of our organization.
We see you, Razelle!
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