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Sign Up: 2017 Fly Pinay Mentors!

fly-pinay-summit-flyer_mentorsBECOME A 2017 FLY PINAY MENTOR!

On Saturday, March 11th, L.E.A.D will be hosting its first annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit in San Jose, CA at the School of Arts & Culture. This single day is dedicated to celebrating the successes and achievements of Filipinas in our community through mentorship and support, despite the odds. The event will feature Filipinas leading workshops, speaking on panels, and addressing our attendees in keynote speeches on issues of Filipin@ culture, society, and current events. 

What will make Fly Pinays distinct is: YOU (Filipina professional) and your Mentee (Pinay college student/rising star). 

The standout feature of Fly Pinays is the intentional pairing of Mentors and Mentees to experience and attend the Leadership Summit together.  As many of our college level Pinay Mentees will be first-generation college students, we hope that your pairing during Fly Pinays will provide an experience for you and your Mentee to share personal stories, connect on our Filipin@ culture, and start the beginnings of our Being A Fly Pinay Movement.

Becoming A 2017 Fly Pinay Mentor
If you’d like to serve as a Mentor at the Fly Pinays Leadership Summit, we are asking for your commitment in two ways:  1. Your participation in ~3 events (the Leadership Summit being one of them) and 2. Determining how you might build a relationship (post-Summit) with your Mentee. 

As a Fly Pinay Mentor, we would ask you to attend/participate in three key dates:

  • February 17, 2017 from 6pm-9pm: Mentor/Mentee Mixer (& Revealing) at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park
  • March 7 & 8 from 6pm-6:45pm: Mentor Orientation Webinar/Conference Call
  • March 11 from 8AM-5PM: Fly Pinays Leadership Summit at Mexican Heritage Plaza

2017 Fly Pinay Mentor Form

If you have any questions related to serving as a 2017 Fly Pinay Mentor, please contact our Mentor Manager Jaki Joanino at jacmjoanino@gmail.com


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