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“Finding Identity and Pride: What Does It Mean to be Filipinx?”

Jenna Group Pic
5.29.18 – Jenna Edra poses with Barkada SCU following her workshop!

New Workshop!

On May 29, Jenna Edra, a current SJSU Sociology/Gender Studies student and organizer with our team, presented her newest workshop on “Finding Identity and Pride: What Does It Mean to be Filipinx?” to Barkada of Santa Clara University.

As a second generation Filipina American, Jenna’s workshop includes themes and questions around uniting second – and third – generation Filipino and Filipina Americans to their culture by language, cuisine, and visiting the Philippines.

For many – if not most – second and third generation Filipino and Filipina Americans, the topic of not understanding their family’s Filipino language, or not carrying the delicacy, or visiting the Philippines is a source of embarrassment.  This embarrassment, coupled with feeling disconnected from Filipino and Filipina heritage and culture, can cause further gaps from one’s own cultural identity.

We aim to mitigate these distances from happening and instead, focus on cultural education and the presence of dialogues that incite, invoke, and inspire interest in one’s own cultural experience, tradition, and identity.

*Jenna’s workshop is presented as part of our organization’s larger “Community Buddies Program” where we accept invitations to present a variety of workshops on Filipino and Filipina cultural identity, history, sociology, psychology, economics and/or politics.

If you are interested in the various workshops that we offer, please read more here and/or contact Angelica@LEADFilipino.org.

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We are a nonprofit that organizes for FilAm civic participation, grassroots leadership and direct community action out of San Jose, California.

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