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LEAD Filipino Opposes Measure A

Oppose Measure ADear Kasamas —

With Primary Election Day approaching on Tuesday (June 5), the urgency for us to push out and spread the message against the City of Santa Clara’s Measure A is dire!

While 73% of voters now cast absentee ballots, there’s still a small window to continue messaging our community’s oppose position against Measure A.

Last month, LEAD Filipino formally voted to join a chorus of nonprofit agencies, community organizations, grassroots groups, educators and civic leaders alike, in a movement to oppose the City of Santa Clara’s Measure A.

What is Measure A?

Measure A is a ballot measure that proposes to draw a line down the City of Santa Clara that would establish two electoral districts in the city. Furthermore, Measure A proposes the implementation of a ranked-choice voting by single transferable vote system.

What happens if Measure A passes?

Measure A will split the City of Santa Clara’s voting districts in half, right along El Camino Real. This line will in essence create a “North Santa Clara” and “South Santa Clara” in a city of just 120,000 residents. This north-south divide will weakens the minority vote in the city and will continue to disenfranchise minority voters in the City of Santa Clara.

Measure A threatens to disproportionately disenfranchise Asian Pacific Islander (API) voters, Latino voters, and seniors. The proposed drawing of a north-south boundary, coupled with ranked-choice voting, opens the door to spoiled votes and limited ballots. These factors – combined with inadequate resources for voter education – stand to continuously cripple the voice of minority communities in local elected representation.

How can you help?

If you share our views on Measure A, please help us spread the word on this campaign. Furthermore, if you have any friends or family that reside in the City of Santa Clara, share this deeper look into Measure A and its implications, with them.

Media Coverage & Statements on Oppose Measure A

To canvass with our group against Measure A, please contact Angelica@LEADFilipino.org.Oppose Measure A

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