Pangalawang / Eastside Entrepin@yers Event

EE Pangalawang


What: Eastside Entrepin@yers Speaker Event
Where: BBC Room 4 / San Jose State University
When: Thursday, May 4
Time: 6p.m.-9p.m.
Why: To bridge Filipin@ students with successful (and local) Entrepin@yers who actualized their vision through determination, persistence, and positive support systems in their lives.
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Open to community members and students alike, L.E.A.D Filipino and Akbayan SJSU present “Pangalawang Eastside Entrepin@yers Speaker Panel” in celebration of API Heritage Month and exposing individuals to the possibilities around turning your creative outlets into your daily job. Participants will engage in small breakout sessions with each of our guest entrepin@yers.

Featuring Entrepin@yers:

  • Genevieve Santos, Founder & Creator, Le Petit Elefant Art Studio
  • Austin Toloza, Founder & Coach, Hyper Strength Conditioning Gym
  • Francesca “Chi Chai” Mateo, Founder & Creator, Empire In The Air

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