Statement On Trump’s Executive Order

January 31, 2017

In response to the Trump Administration’s Executive Order and the subsequent blockage by the New York Federal Court, L.E.A.D Filipino issued the following statement:

L.E.A.D Filipino stands in solidarity with the individuals and families targeted by last Friday’s Executive Order.  While we respect the need for national security, we believe these actions were made in haste.  To block green-card holders based on their country of origin — who have undergone domestic vetting procedures to obtain lawful residence — abdicates the responsibility we share to uphold the moral, ethical and legal ideals of our Country.

Being a nation of citizens — today — and being a nation of immigrants and refugees — today — are not mutually exclusive.  As a community of minorities, we are no strangers to the American erasure of our lived experiences and narratives.  Yet, we persist and lock arms to counter these times with the assertion that we too — are America.  We stand vigilant and in support of the New York Federal Courts’ blockage of this Order and continue to urge our government to move forward.

We are a Country of immigrants and refugees.  We demand the Administration and Congress to remember that.  Our forebears traveled to American shores to seek opportunity and prosperity, and to ultimately sacrifice and provide for their families.  The conditions may look different today, yet our intentions to survive and support our loved ones will never cease.

Makibaka! Huwag matakot! (Fight! Don’t be afraid!)

L.E.A.D Filipino


L.E.A.D Filipino is a volunteer-run cultural organization of college students and professionals based in San Jose.  We expose and engage young Filipin@s in civic leadership, social policy, and public service, while promoting conservatorship of community change through education.

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