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Eastside Speaker 1
05.19.2016 – L.E.A.D. Filipino’s Eastside Entrepreneurs Speaker Panel at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose, CA.  L to R:  Jay Baltazar (Rice Rockit), Marie Millaries (SJMADE), Francesca Mateo (Empire In The Air), Orly Locquiao (Cukui), & Ryan Sebastian (Moveable Feast).

L.E.A.D. Filipino’s Public Forums and Speaker Events are presented to bridge rising and existing Filipin@ American leaders within the Silicon Valley community around critical issues.  L.E.A.D. works to feature local professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, educators and many more to reflect the many voices and experiences which make us each unique.  Our speaker programs generally run ~1.5 hours and allow plenty of time for thoughtful Q&A dialogue and audience engagement.

*Pictured above:  In celebration of API Heritage Month, we hosted our “Eastside Entrepreneurs” Speaker Event with Filipin@ small business leaders from San Jose.  They shared their stories of success, challenge, and lessons-learned.

02.24.2016 – L.E.A.D. Filipino’s “Campus to Career” Speaker Panel w/the Filipino Youth Coalition.

A couple quotes from students who have attended L.E.A.D. Filipino speaker panels:

“What aspect did you find most useful?”
“I found the panel discussion most useful because I liked hearing the stories and experiences that the panel shared and how it inspired them to be in the positions they are in today.”
“The aspect I found most useful is how to break the mold of a stereotypical Filipino American”.

Did the event meet your expectations?
“Exceeded expectations. . .x10”.

Stay tuned for future guest speakers from an array of fields, including:

  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Culinary & Dining
  • Government & Politics
  • Healthcare & Health Administration
  • Journalism & Broadcasting
  • K-12 & Higher Education
  • Legal, Law Enforcement & Public Safety
  • Music, Theater, Dance & Arts
  • Nonprofit & Community Activism
  • Radio, Television, Film & Media
  • Real Estate & Property Investment/Management
  • Science, Technology & Innovation
  • Social Enterprise & Disruptive Technologies