Program Management Intern


Our story is one of grit, grassroots leadership, and shared desire to activate Filipina/x/o civic engagement in San Jose and the greater Silicon Valley Area. Since 2015, we have cultivated rich partnerships with local and statewide FilAm collegiate organizations, civic groups, and nonprofits. Through these relationships we provide critical social services and produce educational programs that respond to the needs of FilAms. Our staple programs include our summer Awareness in Action Program (AAP), a 10-week FilAm Studies Course and Annual Fly Pinays, uplifting Pinay sisterhood and mentorship. In 2018, we co-founded the statewide Filipinx Igniting Engagement & Reimagining Collective Empowerment (FIERCE) Coalition to deepen FilAm voices in Sacramento; through this Coalition we have advocated for Ethnic Studies, Immigrant Rights, and Worker Protections for vulnerable communities across California. Most recently, we redistributed thousands of dollars in financial assistance to community members affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and embarked on a partnership with Stanford Cancer Institute to better understand local FilAm communities and their relationship to regular health screenings. Last month, we also hosted our first Queer Lakbay Summit. We also stand as a proud member of the Justice for Angelo Quinto! Justice for All Coalition! in fighting to ensure that no one else is lost to aimless police violence.

In May 2021, we became an official nonprofit organization. Since our founding, the organization has grown to serve hundreds of students and families each year in critical service delivery, leadership development, and cultural preservation.

Even after 6 years, we still have much learning and growing to do. Be a part of our continuing story?


With our growth and evolution comes new frontiers and new deliverables! To respond to our increased activities, we are hiring for a Program Management Intern to support our Executive Director, Program Manager, and organizing team across our exciting projects and initiatives.

We are currently seeking 1-2 highly motivated interns to support our three program areas: Civic Engagement and Leadership, Fly Pinays, and Cultural Education throughout the spring. Projects related to these areas of work range from providing program support, attending community meetings, research, and administrative tasks. This internship will be held in a hybrid model. The time to complete various intern projects and tasks necessitates 6-8 hours per week.

Specific responsibilities for the Program Management Intern include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizing L.E.A.D Filipino’s administrative and file sharing systems to increase efficiency and productivity across the group.
  • Support our Program Manager in creating and promoting social media content to elicit community interest in these efforts via LEAD Filipino’s website, newsletter & social media platforms.
  • Working closely with L.E.A.D Filipino’s Executive Director, Program Manager, and organizers to coordinate meetings and activities across teams.
  • Managing virtual meeting logistics related to L.E.A.D Filipino’s external coalitions and committees, including supporting the FIERCE Coalition and the Delano Manongs Park Committee.
  • Attending and supporting L.E.A.D Filipino events and meetings.
  • Other projects and duties as assigned.

The duties as outlined can be performed remotely. As health measures continue to lift, L.E.A.D Filipino’s Board of Directors and Executive Director will consider transitioning to hybrid events late 2022 whereby we will revisit defining what in-person work duties will involve.


L.E.A.D Filipino operates on a highly grassroots level, with flexible working hours on Pacific Standard Time (PST) that reflect community meetings, events and activities. Generally, we are seeking someone that can commit 6-8 hours a week between Tuesday-Friday with occasional weekend and weeknight events.

  • A contract
  • Non-exempt, not to exceed 8 hours/per week
  • March – May 2022
  • 6-8 hours/week
  • $2500 stipend
  • No healthcare benefits


  • The availability to work 6-8 hours per week, between Tuesday-Friday (PST) with occasional weekend meetings (remote till further notice)
  • A collaborative and flexible working style with an openness to a dynamic work environment
  • Interests in Ethnic Studies, racial equity, social justice, and civil rights
  • Concerns for the status of FilAms, cultural preservation, and the broader Philippine diaspora in the United States
  • A desire to build cross-racial and cross-ethnic solidarity throughout communities
  • A willingness to learn about issues related to civics, coalition building, and economic development
  • Access to a solid internet connection, email, and a laptop device required
  • Proximity to the San Jose Area preferred, but not required


Our ethos and culture is one that demonstrates continual mutual benefit between our organizers and organizational mission. We recognize that a unique symbiosis exists between our people and our community. They care for and serve each other, and therefore, we work hard to equitably and fairly support our organizers and team while we continue to grow our financial resources to move toward offering future full-time positions.

Additional features and benefits with our organization include:

  • Access to L.E.A.D Filipino’s local, regional and statewide network of educators, scholars, activists and elected officials that support inclusive values.
  • Personal recommendations from our Executive Director to pursue other opportunities, meet directly with community leaders, and pursue other professional development avenues.


To apply, please submit the following items to

  • Your cover letter speaking to your interest in the role, what you hope to gain, and what you would bring to L.E.A.D Filipino.
  • Your resume, CV, or virtual portfolio (whichever you feel captures your essence).
  • A short response to the question: “What role do you want to play in civic engagement?”

The deadline to apply is February 23, 2022, or until the role is fulfilled. For any questions, please email

After sending in the required materials (listed above), we will send an email confirmation and schedule a 30-minute phone call interview for the first round of interviews.