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Sign Up: Become a 2018 Fly Pinay Mentor

Whether you are a returning mentor (from 2017) or a new, prospective mentor (2018), we hope you will review the (4) commitment areas that we ask of each of our mentors, before you decide to sign up/re-sign up.

Eligibility Criteria

We generally ask all Fly Pinay Mentors to have at least ~5 years of professional experience, with backgrounds in supervision, team-leading and community leadership.

Mentor Commitments

To become a Fly Pinay Mentor we ask interested professionals to complete the following upon entering our program and participating in Fly Pinays activities:

  • An Interest Form: By completing an interest form that covers your professional background, community leadership and involvement, and more generally, your personal hobbies, enables our Fly Pinays Core Team to pair you with a mentee that shares your interests, has ambitions of following a similar career path, and would benefit from your particular expertise.
  • Mandatory Mentor Orientation with Fly Pinays Mentor ManagerTo acquaint ourselves with you and learn about your experiences and commitment to developing young leaders, and specifically, empower young Pinay women of color, we ask that all 2018 mentors (new and returning) participate in ~45 minute Mentor Orientation conference call.
  • Mandatory Participation at Mentor & Mentee Mixer/Revealing: We work to organize fun and social mixer events that bring our Mentors and Mentees together. These events also serve as opportunities to meet your Mentee(s) in-person and initiate the beginnings of (what we hope) a lifelong friendship! *The tentative date for our 2018 Revealing is Saturday, March 10th, 2018.
  • Mandatory Participation 2nd Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit: Our largest Fly Pinays convening of Mentors and Mentees happens once a year at our Leadership Summit in the South Bay. This past March, we celebrated our inaugural Leadership Summit with nearly ~120 Fly Pinays Mentors and Mentees from across the Bay Area. The event carries appeal and relevance for both Mentors and Mentees, including inspirational TED-talk style keynotes from local Filipina leaders, workshops on empowerment and Filipina experiences, and activities that bond our Mentors and Mentees.

Mentor and Mentee pairings for our 2018 Fly Pinays Leadership Summit begin February.

Questions about becoming a Mentor? 
Please contact Vanessa at