Legislative Bills & Campaigns

At the end of every year, our immediate team of community organizers, program leads, and Board of Directors gather for a full-day retreat to engage in reflection, intention, and priority-setting. This has been an annual tradition since our founding in 2015.

During these summits we look back at our lessons learned and successes through the lenses of programs, partnerships, and new initiatives. We often bring in survey data and anecdotal experiences to inform these processes.

We discuss ways to improve our programs and services, how to stay connected to our vision and mission, and review all political, economic, and cultural issues impacting our local and statewide FilAm communities.

In addition to identifying core local and state issues, we focus on how we can dedicate our resources to supporting other groups, joining campaigns, and directly engaging with families.

We’re proud to present our #2022 Legislative Bills & Campaigns List: