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IBOTO Pilipino Collaborative



IBOTO Pilipino Collaborative

Established in August 2016, the IBOTO Pilipino Collaborative consists of Santa Clara County based community organizations:  L.E.A.D. Filipino, Asian Law Alliance, Filipino Youth Coalition, and the Filipino Community Alliance for Immigrant Advancement (Fil-CAIA).

Brought together through shared concerns for effective voter outreach and political participation within Santa Clara County’s Filipino American community, these partners embarked on a ~3 month journey and haven’t looked back.  Through coordinating voter registration, poll monitoring and various volunteer opportunities, to offering free ballot education workshops, and roundtable discussions, IBOTO Pilipino has worked with nearly ~100 community members over this past election season to promote political awareness, civic engagement, and boost Filipino representation.

Scroll down for a complete listing of past events we held during the fall election season.  Stay tuned for future IBOTO Pilipino events!

“Your Vote, Your Ballot” Workshop at the Filipino Youth Coalition (September 2016).
“Your Vote, Your Ballot” Workshop at the Filipino Youth Coalition (September 2016).


Roundtable with Nauwar Shukri, Ceritalah ASEAN
Friday, October 28th

Mexican Heritage Plaza | 1700 Alum Rock Avenue

Join IBOTO Pilipino in a small group roundtable discussion on the socio-political role of Filipino Americans today with special guest Nauwar Shukri of Ceritalah ASEAN.  Did you know that at a population of nearly ~110,000 in Santa Clara County, we have just ~7 Filipin@ elected officials?  At this event, we will share and converse on what is important to the Filipino American community from the perspectives of inclusion and progress with our next U.S. president.

Roundtable event with Nauwar Shukri, Ceritalah ASEAN (October 2016).


“Your Vote, Your Ballot” Workshop
Offered:  September 16, 2016 and October 14, 2016

From repealing our state’s death penalty, tightening gun control laws, and legalizing marijuana, California voters will face critical decisions for our collective future.  In this ~2 hour interactive workshop, we will review the Top California and County of Santa Clara ballot measures.  In addition to providing workshop participants with resources, we will engage the audience in presenting the pros and cons of each Prop.  To ensure our community members are prepared to make informed an educated votes, IBOTO PILIPINO presents, “Know Your Vote, Know Your Ballot”.

“Your Vote, Your Ballot” Workshop with Yes on Prop 56 and 67 Campaigns (October 2016).

Pin@y Policy & Presidential Vision Roundtable

Friday, September 30th
Filipino Youth Coalition | Welch Park, San Jose

“Pin@y Policy & Presidential Vision” Dialogue (September 2016).

IBOTO Pilipino Press Release

Throughout the year, L.E.A.D. Filipino galvanizes young Pin@y leaders within the San Jose/Silicon Valley to become active citizens within key Awareness Campaigns.  In doing so, we hold educational workshops and dialogues to reinforce learning and connection to real issues.

As the November 8th Presidential Election approaches, L.E.A.D. Filipino, Fil-CAIA, FYC and the Asian Law Alliance believe that the time to engage, inform, and equip Filipin@s with voter tools is now.

We hope that you will join us as we seek to engage Filipin@s in the upcoming Election through our IBOTO Pilipino Awareness & Engagement Campaign.  From September-November, we will be holding a series of public workshops and dialogues in the San Jose area, all dedicated to informing Filipin@s on what to expect on the November ballot, empowering Pin@ys with their roles in public policy, and understanding the candidates who hope to represent our community.

Our home, Santa Clara County, holds the 4th largest Filipino community in California.  As we stand together at this critical juncture in Election history, we as a community, face two contrasting realities, and we as a community, have the power to make our voices heard.