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Filipino Advocacy Day, Apr 30

A new undertaking for our organization, we’re so proud to be partnering with the leaders of UC Davis’ Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies in a joint effort to coordinate the involvement of Fil Am-based CBOs, nonprofit agencies, and grassroots groups in our first Filipino Advocacy Day in our Capitol, Sacramento, slated for Wednesday, April 30th. 

By February 1st, nearly 2,500 bills will have been introduced in the California State Legislature. There is much to look forward to in 2019, yet much to prepare – and be poised – for. Not only are we busily posturing for the 2020 Census, next year also marks a Presidential Election.

Again, much to do in 2019, and because of this, we’ve prioritized putting our shoulders to the wheel with the Bulosan Center in a coordinated effort to spearhead the organizing of a Filipino Advocacy Day.  The focus of the Advocacy Day?  To advocate on statewide issues related to K-12 Education, Workers’ and Immigrant Rights – but not just that, to bring all of you with us as we build our community’s presence in statewide policy issues. 

At our first Advocacy Day training at UC Davis earlier this month (Jan 11th), we established three Advocacy Day committees:

  • Logistics & Organizing Committee:  This committee will focus on nailing down the itinerary for our Advocacy Day;  from identifying a home-base, to leading the training with participants, the logistics committee will run the operations.
  • Community Outreach & Engagement:  Aptly named, this group will be conducting outreach to meaningfully involve local CBOs and nonprofits in our efforts.
  • Legislative Strategy:  This committee will be confirming our legislative visits with the various elected offices.

Stay tuned for the continued development and roll-out of our Advocacy Day!  For more information, please contact Kevin@LEADFilipino.org.