About Us: LEAD Filipino 

We are Leadership, Education, Activism & Dialogue (LEAD) Filipino.  Started in 2015 and based in San Jose, California, we are a grassroots organization focused on building the leadership of Pin@ys in public service, civic projects and community participation.

Led by Organizing and Advisory teams, we run leadership programs and initiatives such as the Awareness in Action Program (AAP), the Fly Pinays Program and administer the Santa Clara County-rooted IBOTO Pilipino Collaborative to engage Filipin@ voters in their neighborhoods.

To effectively uplift Pin@y leaders of tomorrow, we provide community-based programs that expose and educate community members to embody “Leading Filipin@”.  Our goal is simple — create lasting change that empowers Filipin@s to succeed as informed and conscious leaders in their communities today.

We are currently fiscally sponsored by the Asian Law Alliance of Santa Clara County and hope to establish our nonprofit status in 2018.

Our 4 (LEAD) Work Areas

Our work is actualized and defined by (4) key areas:

  1. LEADERSHIP: Fly Pinays Program & Community Workshops
  2. EDUCATION: Awareness in Action Program (AAP)
  3. ACTIVISM: IBOTO Pilipino Collaborative, Voter Engagement and Justice Initiatives
  4. DIALOGUE: Partnerships, Coalitions and Collaborations

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