AB 2016 (Ethnic Studies)

As an organization that promotes fair and just representation for not just Filipin@ American communities, but all minority communities, L.E.A.D Filipino was proud to advocate for and join hundreds of other grassroots groups, community organizations, and school districts in supporting the passage of Assembly Bill 2016. L.E.A.D Filipino believes this is a significant and important step in the right direction for California as we celebrate our diverse communities, histories and contributions by acknowledging and educating ourselves on the roles that we have each played in our state’s collective fabric.

Signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown in September 2016, AB 2016 requires the California Instructional Quality Commission to develop  – and California’s State Board of Education to adopt – a model curriculum in ethnic studies that may be taught in our state’s public school districts and charter schools with grade 9 to 12, based on the curriculum that’s currently being developed.

AB 2016 are the first steps to ensuring that all California high school students have an opportunity to learn about their own or another culture’s history, experiences, and contributions that have shaped the state’s past, present, and future.

The curriculum will be developed with ethnic studies faculty from California universities and public school teachers with experience teaching ethnic studies.  The model is expected to be implemented in schools in 2019.

Read our support letter here.

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