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3rd Annual Fly Pinays Program (2019)

Fly Pinays Pre-Session
Saturday, March 2nd, 2019
San Jose State University

The Pre-Session is a day dedicated to building the friendships and breaking the ice with you and your mentor/mentee(s). From guided activities that encourage discussion, to interactive exercises, and small group conversations, the Pre-Session is a required event for this year’s participants! At the Pre-Session you can expect:

  • To meet YOUR mentor/mentee(s)!
  • Hear from current Fly Pinays mentors and mentees.
  • To engage in conversations on sisterhood, mentorship, and Filipina experiences with other participants.
  • To learn about your own leadership style and how you can participate in community-wide initiatives on women’s issues and Pinay advancement.
  • Get free breakfast and lunch! (Always a plus.)

3rd Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit
Saturday, March 23rd, 2019
Mission College

The Fly Pinays Leadership Summit is produced exclusively for our mentors and mentees. You will hear from leading Pinays in the arts, community, education, and industry on topics relating to womanhood, sisterhood, and uniquely-Pinay conversations. From breakout groups, to workshops, and other activities, you and your mentee with attend the Leadership Summit together and make friends along the way!

8:00am // Doors Open: Registration & Breakfast

9:00am // Mentor & Mentee Welcome: 
Row, 106.1 KMEL

10:00am // Morning Keynote: Chef Chel Gilla, Founder, Tselogs

10:45am // Mentor & Mentee Workshops: Breaking Expectations

12:00pm // Afternoon Keynote: DJ Noodles

1:45pm // Mentor & Mentee Workshops: 
Pinays, Boss Up!

3:00pm // Speaker Panel: Pinay Creatives 
featuring Momo, 
Melanie Panergo, and 
Lauren Garcia

3:45pm // Closing Reception

Maraming salamat to our 2019 sponsors: