2nd Annual Fly Pinays

On Saturday, March 24th, LEAD Filipino will be hosting ~150 Filipina professionals (mentors), college students (mentees), and community members in our 2nd Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit.

The Fly Pinays Leadership Summit is a day of coordinated keynote addresses, leadership  and cultural workshops, and TED-style talks from leading Pinays in civics, education, entrepin@yership/business, technology and the community, to engage women and girls in issues of Filipina American experiences today.  At our inaugural Fly Pinays Leadership Summit last year, we hosted ~100 Filipina mentors and mentees and expect our numbers to keep growing.

Key themes and recurring messages for our 2nd Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit will include: 1) Filipina pride and cultural embrace through knowing our community and histories, 2) addressing “Why” we are proud to be Filipinas, 3) larger statements on our society’s current political, cultural and economic climate, drawing on issues related to the Philippines, and 4) elevating Filipina leadership and visibility across all sectors, industries and communities.

This event is free and open to all members of our community. If you aren’t a female professional or college student, but would like to attend, please consider volunteering the day-of or securing your spot on our limited “General Attendee” list, as spots will fill on a first-come, first-served basis.


Panel Speakers

Our 2nd Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit featured a speaker panel focused on “Pinay Creatives in the Arts” with guest speakers: Janice Sapigao and Chef Charleen Caabay (Founder, Kainbigan Restaurant) and Astralogik

Cultural Workshops 

  • “Intergenerational & Cultural Clashes” led by Era de Castro & Carl Castuciano, ECCAC and Dr. Jennifer Briscoe and Jay Page, LEAD Filipino
  • “Intentional Growth” led by Mary Ann Bautista, The John Maxwell Team
  • “Empowering Women for Change in Political Education” led by GABRIELA-Oakland
  • “INDAK: Dancing in Time” led by RJ Payomo, Kawayan Folk Arts
  • “Pinay Leadership Across Communities” led by Kappa Psi Epsilon
  • “A Taste of Mental Health First Aid” led by The LGBTQ Youth Space
  • “Interviewing & Salary Negotiation 101” led by Gina Mariko Rosales, Make It Mariko
  • “Labor Export Policy” led by Mike Dalupo, PAWIS
  • “The Filipino American Experience” led by FANHS-Santa Clara Valley Chapter
  • “Eskrima: Self-Defense Workshop”


Sponsoring Organizations

If you are a college-aged student with an interest in engaging in conversations and personal education around Filipina American leadership, experiences and community movements AND you’d like to be connected with a mentor that works in a field of your interest. Please sign up by February 20th.

2018 Fly Pinays Planning Committee:

Jaki Joanino – Program & Logistics Director
Vanessa Carr – Mentor Manager
Isabel Bagsik – Mentee Manager
Jenna Edra – Workshops Director
Daniel Lazo – Marketing & Advertising
Jeren Penalosa – Volunteer Coordinator
Eleaine Reyes – Social Media & Comms. Manager
Angelica Cortez – Finance & Sponsorships Director
Rich Delan
Marissa Martinez


About: Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit

With beginnings of just last year, LEAD Filipino’s Fly Pinays Leadership Summit and related activities has grown solely from its community support and positive reception. The Fly Pinays Leadership Summit is our organization’s largest event of the year, where our team of interns, volunteers and organizers work across a span of 5 months to organize a single-day empowerment conference centered on Filipina experiences. Focusing on the influences of positive mentorship, the theme of sisterhood, and the education of cultural identity, Fly Pinays pairs ~150 Filipina mentors and college students in similar areas of study, interests and career pursuits. The event features TED-style talks and speaker panels, educational/cultural workshops, and entertainment.

The Fly Pinays Leadership Summit is intentionally held each March to observe and honor Women’s History Month and the role of Pinays emerging as leaders in our broader communities.