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Recap: Fly Pinays Pre-Session

To launch Women’s Herstory Month and celebrate our 3rd Annual Fly Pinays Mentorship Program, we hosted half of this year’s Fly Pinay mentors and mentees on Saturday, March 2nd at San Jose State University, in a Revealing and Pre-Session!

The staple of our Fly Pinays Mentorship Program is just that: facilitating mentor-mentee relationships and modeling positive sisterhood for the Pinays that enliven our community. Our Pre-Session was an extension of our “Revealing” event where our women and girls, paired in mentorship, not only met but also learning meaningful tips and practices on continuing their friendships beyond our Fly Pinays Mentorship Program.

Our mentors and mentees engaged in group exercises and icebreakers.
In addition to facilitating dialogue, our mentors and mentees set intentions for their journey through our Fly Pinays Mentorship program.
Look at these Fly Pinays!
What’s up, Fly Pinays!

At the Pre-Session, our 2019 mentors and mentees not only had a chance to meet and get acquainted, but they also engaged in leadership activities, group discussions, and received best practices on building their mentor-mentee relationships. We were joined by women and students from across Northern California in celebrating sisterhood, mentorship, and shared experience.

We look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday, March 23rd, at our 3rd Annual Fly Pinays Leadership Summit!

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