Awareness in Action Program starts Monday, July 10th!

Hey Folks –

Under our co-directors’ vision – Jay Page and Angelo Monje – for the past three months, our L.E.A.D Filipino Organizing Team has been hard at work, creating a curriculum, arranging community exposure tours, and finalizing our summer Awareness in Action Program!

Awareness in Action is an eight-week program designed and intended to educate and expose Filipin@s and all supportive community members to issues of Filipin@ history, building our cultural/social consciousness, decolonizing our minds, and learning how to become civic leaders in our neighborhoods and communities throughout the South Bay.

Session #1, which marks the start of our summer Awareness in Action, begins on Monday, July 10th from 6pm to 8pm. During our first session, we will address two competing views around Filipin@ ethnicity and how we choose to identify, either being Asian or Pacific Islander. With the 2020 Census approaching and the rising topic of Filipin@ ethnic identity, we felt it opportune and timely to open our program on this dialogue, and furthermore, if/why this topic should matter to us.

Sign up for Awareness in Action today – there’s still time, pare!


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